God’s Birthday Gift


(My supposed-to-be post last May 23, 2013)


It’s the start of the day and I was exhilarated to tell that happiness was I felt first. Today I had my first swimming lesson and God really loves me. Why? He gave me His birthday present. He answered my prayer.

God introduced me to a new friend,  Tita Mars. She’s 82 years old and boy, she’s an amazing swimmer. Hands down! I met her yesterday (May 22nd) and she promised that I’ll have my first swimming lesson today and yes, this is the prayer I requested. Swimming is one of my goals this year. Ain’t that cool? God is really good.


With so much excitement,

I got up early and make my way to the swimming pool. Tita Mars is on time, and I was really happy to see her. I finally have a swimming instructor and it’s for free. 😉



swimming session was fantastic as I learned so much from her especially this, “Freestyle is the hardest but when you get the hang of it, every type of strokes will just be as easy as pie. You have to concentrate on your breathing. Forget the hands & feet as it will fall into its right places, just… learn to FOCUS.

Her words hit me hard. Gosh! Focus isn’t just applicable at work or studies but in life, in attaining your goals. I have to focus on being a good swimmer so that I, too, can teach my nieces, nephew and friends to swim.

 And yes, to learn in order to teach is one of my greatest dharmas.

Thank you Lord!


How about you what’s ypur Dharma (purpose) in life? Share your thoughts to us. 🙂
















Welcome to KalyeLili


Oh my! It’s been so looong and finally, I was able to find a time to publish this travelog (also known as “travel blog”) TODAY. Yay!

I really don’t know how to start again (as I want to have an official blog that I can put all my thoughts) and there are a lot of factors stopping me but I am so thankful to read one of my favorite blogger’s advice, Michael Hyatt, TO COMMENCE NOW! And I was swept away with his quote,”Perfectionism is the highest form of procrastination”.  Hence, here I am, writing this very first entry of my official blog.

Just to give you some of the dishy details of my blog…

Why Kalye Lili?

“Kalye” in Filipino language means “street” or “road”.

Yes, it’s my journey to each place that I’d like to share with you. There may be a lot of travel blogs out there but there is that specific insight that you can learn from each. This blog covers not just those places but the different interests that I found and I am sure you have the same sentiments too.

What to expect from KalyeLili?

* As a care-free wanderer, I will bring you to the hot spots and paralyzing places I had visited on a shoe-string budget. Most of the photogprahs I took can be found here (e.g. hot spots, food, people, etc.).

* As a jewelry artisan and a bead scavenger, I will certainly share with you the beads, baubles and stones that I had discovered and purchased, which cannot be found elsewhere. I’ll post too the finished product.

* As a desperate linguist, I will impart to you the various words I have learned on each lovely places I had visited and the basics of the languages I acquired from my Extramural Classes.

* As a traveller, I will post here the itinerary of each places and expenses that my travel buddies and I had, so you can budget your money well for your future trips.

I deeply hope that you will enjoy reading my blog. Leave comments should you wish to or shoot any inquiries to my e-mail lili.n.stitch@gmail.com and I’d be really glad to answer you!

Enjoy the sweet life everyday and bask in the love of God always! Cheers!